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Universal Collective is a philosophical and spiritual collective, for open-minded individuals and modern day thinkers. They follow the writings of the “Nameless Astronaut,” who discovered a planet named Flora and subsequently became lost on his discovery. His findings and writings were found, but his remains were never recovered (more information on Flora can be found at the site of the scientific research group responsible for the release of information, This astronaut wrote of existential secrets, of truly experiencing life, of finding truth. Universal Collective use his writings as an outline for teaching, spreading this “truth” to followers in a myriad of ways.
This is all in an attempt to combat the threat of Post-Magic Forces – an umbrella term for their persecutors; the root of all evil, they value mechanics over man, corporations over communities, they are against free-thinking, literature, the arts, creative expression and solidarity throughout mankind. These Post-Magic Forces “want only to limit your perspective, your opportunities.”
The group teaches that we must all live in harmony, and that we can only achieve such by being an active participant in the present. They preach of the fallibility of time, of the cycle of life, of the universe residing within each and every one of us. It is a philosophy of eternal struggle, of infinite optimism, of unlimited growth, of enlightenment. We must realize that the internal and the external are connected, that we are all part of one larger force. No matter your take on their teachings or their history, Universal Collective’s ideologies are respectable and their practice worth experiencing.