• Art is a stimulus. To make more powerful stimuli, one must understand and work in synchronicity with reality. By working within these parameters I create a mythology, a story that blends fiction with reality. This is where the most powerful work can be done, in that area of suspended disbelief, in order to create art as purely experiential.
    I draft every necessary possible item, technique and media to work on my projects. Working in video, sculpture, painting, print, etc, whatever is called for in order to make the most meaningful experience out of my pieces. The experience sought differs from piece to piece. However they all share a similar layout; a narrative is constructed, a space is created, items and documents are altered, all in service of giving the viewer endless opportunities of interaction, physical and mental. One can go as deep or as shallow as they please into my work; their experience is completely theirs to create.
    By creating art that makes a bridge from the art world to the reality of the viewers, makes it interactive and brings them into it, a higher experience is achieved; one that transcends the context in which it is placed. The experience of the viewer is the only consideration. Through these experiences I hope they investigate themselves and that around them.