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A member of the lunare genus, pend is a relatively stoic, hanging organism. These organisms usually grow in clusters, even in seas, though it is not uncommon to see a singular pend growing off in some corner. They tend to grow in mildly-cold/damp places (very interesting similarities to Earth's stalagtites); however, this trend can work against them.

If the pend hasn't grow enough of an outer membrane, it is susceptible to be taken over by a mold, specifically modulus, lunari which specializes in growing on organisms of the lunare genus. The mold doesn't directly destroy or attack the organism, rather it grows over it, placing it into a kind of stasis, where eventually both the modulus and pend fall to the ground and begin their disintegration process.

This can happen to whole hanging fields of pend, though is unlikely. When in groups, they can collectively build their defenses. Therefore singular growths tend to be ideal for modulus (and hence those organisms are usually much larger than their community-loving counterparts). Though seeing a field of pend in a modulus stasis is a sight to be seen.

Lunare, pend (covered in Modulus, lunari)
Lunare, pend (covered in Modulus, lunari)