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These growths get their name from their form of creation; that is recycling. Once enough particles and debris have collected on the ground, these forms begin to grow exponentially, growing and shedding and growing and shedding. Their pattern of growth is one of the traits that make them considered “frontier” flora. They grow in uninhabited areas, and once they reach the end of their life cycle they decompose rapidly, providing material for other life (an exponential amount than they used in their initial growth).

Their true ability to promote growth comes from a very unexpected place; their ability to communicate. The mons communicates with bursts of light. As they grow they gain more control over this skill, rapidly flashing. This light that they emit is just enough external stimuli for more advanced flora to grow. Their means of communication, paired with their short lifespan, makes them an ideal accelerator of growth. They truly embody the symbiotic relationship between life and death.

Anacyclis, mons.